ms_kaytee (ms_kaytee) wrote in sillylovesongs,

Waking Up Beside You


I've been so alone for so long
Forgotten by the world, forgotten to myself
Your effervescent eyes have awakened me
And brushed the dust away...
But I knew you'd never stay
So I memorized the color of your eyes
As I lost myself inside you
And I memorized the way our legs entwined
As I drifted off beside you

I miss
God I miss waking up beside you...

At night I cling to you I'm so afraid
Afraid the day will come
And I'll wake and find you gone
But you promise that you'd not abandon me
And kissed my fears away...
But I woke up to that day...
But I had memorized the way our eyes would meet
Reflected in the bathroom mirror
And I memorized your naked silhouette
As you slowly brushed your hair...

I miss
God I miss waking up beside you

I've been so alone for so long...
I forgot how much it hurts
To wake up so alone...
But I'd memorized how warm your body felt
As you lay half-asleep beside me
And I'd memorized the way the sunlight filled the room
And played upon your body...

I miss
God I miss waking up beside you
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